How Booking a Safari with us works

  1. Share us your safari expectations

The safari begins by you telling us what you want. At this point, you provide as much information as possible to enable us tailor make the best safari experience for you. These include your travel dates, number of people coming for the safari including children and their ages, the places which interest you to visit, your budget type, accommodation type-lodges or camps, meal requirements and any special requests you may have regarding the safari.

  1. We seek to understand your travel needs

Based on the details you provide regarding the safari, our Tour consultant will get in touch with you via the communication medium of your choice-however, we do recommend communications via email.

Our consultant will engage you and ask for clarifications where necessary regarding your safari. It’s at this point that they will recommend a number of things to you to personalize your travel. You are also free to engage them and ask questions or seek clarification on mater of the safari.

  1. We personalize your itinerary

Our tour consultant will create custom itinerary options for your consideration. Depending on how you want it, either a safari option only, or a blend of safari and beach. What about a blend of the different accommodation properties? Our consultant will be available to amend the itinerary to suit your preference and budget.

  1. We make reservations

Once you settle on the preferred itinerary, the consultant will request for your passport details, make provisional reservations of the accommodation properties and any other element of the safari. These bookings are only valid for a limited time period of 14 Days after which they are released to other travelers. This period is also important if you need to make any changes to your itinerary. It’s advisable to confirm your booking at this period before elapse of the 14 days in order to secure the dream accommodation properties.

  1. Pay a deposit

We require a deposit of 30% of the entire safari cost. Paying this deposit guarantees your safari and means that the safari is confirmed. We will now secure the rooms, vehicles and any other item in the itinerary.

However, in cases where domestic flights are required, you will be required to make the flight payment in full (100%) to enable our Ticketing Team secure the seats and issue the tickets. Flight fares are subject to change without notice and by paying for it in full ensures that the prices do not increase or seats sold out.

We do accept Visa & Mastercard and EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) payments.

  1. We provide all the info

After making the deposit, our tour consultant will confirm your safari details and begin putting together the important travel documents. They will share the Safari FAQS, what to pack for the safari, visa and health requirements, destination guides of places of interest and answer to any concerns you may have regarding the trip (please note that you are free to ask questions and/or seek clarifications anytime). Even though travel insurance is an optional aspect, we highly recommend that you have one before travelling.

We also recommend you visiting your doctor to find out the eligibility of vaccinations.

  1. Clear the balance

At this point, you will clear the balance of the safari.

It’s advisable to clear the balance at least 30 days to your safari to avoid any inconveniences associated with delayed reflection of payments. Should you consider cancelling or rescheduling the safari due to one reason or another, our consultant will offer proper guidance on the T&CS by coordinating with you to resolve the situation.

  1. We cross check your details

About 2-3 weeks to your travel date, our consultant will cross check the details and reconfirm the same with you. We wouldn’t want to leave anything to chance. Form your flight details to your stay in the accommodation properties, we will ensure that everything is okay and ready for the safari. We will also provide any additional information regarding the trip.

  1. Arrival and Safari time

The day is now here! Everything will have been taken care of to allow you relax and enjoy the safari. Our representative will introduce you to our driver guide who will be with you for the rest of the safari. Our representative will also be on standby 24/7 to offer assistance whenever need arises during the safari. You will also be given a safari questionnare to document your experience and the details you will love most about the safari.

  1. Share your feedback and experience

On the last day, our representative will see you off at the airport and collect the safari questionnare highlighting the safari experience you just had.

Once you get home, we will write back asking for your general feedback and reviews on different sites like TripAdvisor. Your feedback really matters and its important in helping us improve and serve our next client better or even you the next time you come for another safari.

We hope the safari will be an amazing, adventurous and always remind you of the memorable experience in Africa. As we always say, the heart will never forget what the eye has seen!

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