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Lake Naivasha

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The name comes from a Maasai phrase “nai posha” which translates to “a place of rough of rough waters” because of the sudden storms which can arise.

It is located 90 km North West of the capital city Nairobi.

The lake has many different types of wildlife comprising of hippos and fish (tilapia, black bass and crayfish).

The lake also supports a fair amount of indigenous wildlife: Waterbuck, Giraffe and Hippo can easily be seen almost anywhere on the lakeshore.

There are close to 500 bird species including African Fish Eagles, Kingfishers, great cormorants, grey backed fiscal, yellow-collared lovebirds and the great white pelicans which are among the most decorative and common woodland species. This is the best and most rewarding bird sites in Kenya.

However, for the more active, adrenaline filles Safari-goer and adventurer, an unguided walk or bicycle ride in the nearby Hell’s Gate National Park or exploring the region is a great and amazing option. Here, you will travel through the deep ravines and on top of huge cliffs and enjoy the great view of the spectacular Great Rift Valley landscape.

A visit to Crescent Island (a small private nature reserve) is worth a visit. Guests can have a guided nature walk inside the sanctuary while on foot thus making it a perfect place to see the wild animals while on foot.


  1. Lake Naivasha Kongoni Lodge
  1. Lake Naivasha Crescent Camp
  2. Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort
  1. Great Rift Valley Lodge
  2. Lake Naivasha Country Club
  3. Enashipai Resort

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