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+254 706 425 003 tours@premiersafaris.co.ke

Our Team

Meet our team of experts at Premier Safaris (K) Limited
Windress Apiyo - Executive Director

“Being at the realm of an organization and at the same time a hands on person is an uphill task as demand rise both internally and externally. However, I draw my strength from God who has enabled me to acquire the right skills, right attitude and vast experience in Hospitality and travel industry through working for various travel agencies leading to the birth of Premier Safaris (K) Limited”.

Charlton Andati - Director Operations

“We have put in place modern travel systems and carefully identified partners that add value to our business for a mutual benefit. This stride has placed us ahead of our competition in terms of turnaround time and service delivery. Our thoughts are always on how to become better for our clients and add value to the society”.

Gladys Shiro Juma - Sales & Marketing Executive

“Novelty of the current business models and invention of new preferred ways of engaging our clients on business is a continuing process. I am always inspired whenever I go round visiting our clients and I get a good report of their experience with us. It makes us do more and give value to them through various VAS. Premier Safaris (K) Limited has a keen interest in personalizing every customer through every business engagement process to the latter.”

Finicas Omondi Weere - Accounts & Finance

“Amidst the global economic scares that cut across every sector, we realize that pricing has become a weight of consideration before opting for a service provider. We study, profile and custom design travel products and services that perfectly suit our clients considering their budgetary limits and spending behaviors while maintaining high quality of service delivery”.

Belinda Juma Awuor - Travel Consultant

“While handling our client’s requests, I practice active listening and get as much useful information as possible to establish the need at hand. In a short while my client would be spoilt for choices to pick from. I walk them through ensuring they understand each option and help to decide the one that suit them best. Whenever I am in control and successfully help our clients achieve their travel plans on schedule, I get the strength to wake up every day smiling”.

Sylvia Akinyi Munyisia - Travel Consultant

“Choosing and pursuing a career in Travel and Tourism is one of the best decisions of my life. I get to interact with people of various personalities and from different cultural backgrounds across the world. My motivation is when I sit back and count the number of customers I have successfully helped to facilitate their travels and holidays both individuals and from the corporate entities. Having a delighted customer today is creating a business marketer for tomorrow. My understanding of the reservation systems and industry is what our clients benefit from”.

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